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Apply for the Spring 2019 Rogue Climate and Rogue Action Center

Organizing Youth Leaders Internship!

Click the link HERE to apply by the deadline of March 24th!!


What is Organizing?

Empowering our communities with the tools to make changes we need in the places we live.

At the Rogue Action Center we work to grow an effective and coordinated movement that can win economic, social, racial, and climate justice based on the needs and realities of our rural and small-town region. We train and incorporate new people into community leadership roles and campaign work.  Current campaigns focus on affordable housing solutions, building people power to defend and expand public transit, and supporting our strong community in standing up to the rise of white supremacy in the Rogue Valley.

At Rogue Climate our mission is to empower Southern Oregon communities most impacted by climate change, including low-income, rural, youth, and communities of color, to win climate justice by organizing for clean energy, sustainable jobs, and a healthy environment.



  • Recruit and develop the next generation of climate leaders and community organizers.

  • Help youth leaders develop organizing skills from environmental and social justice framework. This foundational understanding will provide students with context to participate in broader climate and social justice movements.

  • Support emerging leaders in getting hands-on experience and hard-skills development through doing.

  • Expand capacity for Rogue Action Center and Rogue Climate’s current campaigns, projects and field work.



  • Interns will commit to participating in the 9 week program from April 1st to May 27th, 2019

  • Interns will commit to working with Rogue Climate and the Rogue Action Center  for 4-8 hours a week. Organization hours will be flexible to accommodate school and work schedules!

  • Interns will work closely with one mentor from either the Rogue Action Center or Rogue Climate in addition to a project workgroup.

  • 1+ hours a week should be spent working individually on a specific project developed in collaboration with your Rogue Action Center or Rogue Climate mentor.

  • 2 hours a week will be spent developing campaign skills by participating in regular field organizing to include canvassing, outreach at community events, phone banking and group or class presentations.

  • 2 hours a week will be spent in a weekly Internship Class with other interns to learn more about organizing, strategic planning, and social justice.


  • Do community outreach and train volunteers and leaders to be part of ongoing campaigns.

    • Skills: develop community organizing skills through canvassing, social media management, phone banking, recruitment, leadership development, and meeting facilitation.

  • Engage leaders of local organizations and community groups to educate and activate their members on statewide climate policy.

    • Skills: networking, developing communications skills such as writing a public email, and developing campaign materials.

  • Connect our communities with elected local and state representatives to act on our behalves.

    • Skills: develop campaign skills such as lobbying and policy-tracking.

  • Plan and execute action-oriented events and activities that draw in new supporters.

    • Skills: effectively recruit and retain people power, hone organizational and planning skills and refine data management skills.  



Interns will meet once per week for Internship class at a time to be decided upon by the participants by March 24th. The tentative class schedule is as follows:



Week 1: Orientation: Intro to organizations and issues, get to know each other

  • Rogue Climate work, Jordan Cove Energy Project 101

  • Rogue Action Center issues

  • Environmental Justice and Intersectionality

Week 2: Organizing 101

Week 3: Field Skills and Recruitment

Week 4: Power, Privilege and Oppression

Week 5: Strategic Planning, Power Analysis and Backwards Planning

Week 6: Interrupting Oppressive Moments

Week 7: Media and Messaging

Week 8: Direct Action Organizing

Week 9: Wrap-up Celebration and feast!


If you are interested in participating, please fill out this application by March 24th by filling out the form HERE and we will follow up with you to schedule an interview!

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