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2020 Southern Oregon Land Use Leadership Initiative (LULI)

Developing community leadership for the future of housing, transit, climate, and more

Right now, across Southern Oregon, important decisions are being made about housing, transportation, and other land use issues that impact all of us. These decisions are often made with little community input, creating a mismatch between decisions made and the real and growing needs of our community for things like affordable, accessible housing, public transportation, access to locally produced healthy foods, and a stable climate.

Applications are now closed for the 2020 LULI Cohort.


Since 2012 the 1000 Friends of Oregon leadership training program (LULI) has trained emerging community leaders on Oregon’s land use system and how it shapes the most-pressing land development issues such as housing and transportation. LULI works to prepare participants to be effective stakeholders in local and state decisions about issues that matter to them. This year the Rogue Action Center, Rogue Advocates, Rogue Climate, SO Health-E, AARP Oregon, the Carpenter Foundation, and many other partners are excited to co-sponsor a Southern Oregon program focused on local issues.

This program is designed for anyone involved in local community work or organizations working on any of the issues that are connected to land use planning. This could include housing, transportation, environmental and social justice, climate change, access to food, preservation of farmland or working forests, wildfire safety, or other issues.

Our goal is to build an empowered cohort of local community leaders and advocates who understand how to navigate Oregon's land use system to achieve livable communities now and into the future for all of us.


2020 Land Use Leadership Initiative (LULI) Program The 2020 LULI Program will consist of nine training sessions from March through November. Each session will focus in-depth on one specific issue to provide participants with a deeper understanding of land use advocacy.

Topics include: Land Use 101, Urban Growth Boundaries, Housing, Transportation, Public Transit, Protecting Farm and Forest Land, and more. Food, childcare, and transportation assistance available. Thanks to our sponsors, there is no cost for participants.

Logistics: Meetings will be held on Monday evenings after work with food provided. Childcare and transportation assistance are available, just check the box when you apply. The full list of tentative dates are in the application.

Tentative 2020 schedule, may be subject to change

Monday, March 9th

Monday, March 23rd

Monday, April 13th

Monday, May 4th

Monday, June 15th

Monday, July 13th

Monday, August 10th

Monday, September 21st

Monday, November 16th


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