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LGBTQ+ Community Resources during COVID-19

Image by Lisa Vollrath, available for free download along with a lot of other amazing original artwork at

According to the HRC's recent brief, "in addition to the greater risk of health complications as a result of COVID-19, LGBTQ+ Americans are more likely than the general population to live in poverty and lack access to adequate medical care, paid medical leave, and basic necessities during the pandemic."

AND, as the pandemic continues, our broader LGBTQ+ community is exercising our resilience and creativity to reach out to each other. There’s a TON of community resources out there trying to meet the various unique needs of LGBTQ+ folks! Ironically, for rural queers, this may be a time where some services are more accessible because they're online--transgender support groups and livestreamed drag shows are the new normal. From mental health to funding, from being stuck at home with people who don’t use your preferred pronouns to info for healthcare providers and funders, here’s a rundown of some resources. (Don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom for fun ones.)

Note that most of these are online national and regional resources...If you are in Josephine and Jackson county and struggling to access resources, you can always call 211 and they can help connect you.

(Last updated 5/7/2020 by Eliot Feenstra - if you have comments or would like to add something to this list, reach out!


Updates and additions - 5/25/2020

  • The CARES Act provided $8.5 million for rent relief in Oregon. Connect with your local Community Action Agency (UCAN in Josephine and Douglas counties, 541-956-4050; ACCESS in Jackson county, 541-494-1210) if you need help paying your rent. (not LGBTQ-specific)

  • Fannie Mae created a Disaster Response Network that is providing financial coaching, ongoing check-ins, and personalized recovery assessment; call 877-542-9723 to access the Disaster Response Network. (not LGBTQ-specific)

  • Out in the Open is a Vermont-based organization that supports rural LGBTQ people.They are offering online yoga, drop-in space, non-monogamy support group, meditation, and crafternoon specifically for rural queers. They also run an “Out in the Open Radio Hour” focused on rural LGBTQ topics. (Also @WeAreOutInTheOpen on Facebook.)

Updates and additions - 5/7/2020

Updates and additions - 4/27/2020

Not queer-specific but Basic Needs/Local Resources


LGBTQ+ Health & Movement Resources

Resources specific to LGBTQ+ Elders and those living with HIV

Advocacy & Research

Resources specific to transgender and nonbinary people

Resources specific to LGBTQ+ families

Resources specific to LGBTQ+ Youth

  • The Trevor Project is a national, toll-free confidential suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth. You can reach The Trevor Project's 24/7/365 Lifeline at 866-4-U-TREVOR (866-488-7386) or TrevorChat, their online instant messaging option, or TrevorText, a text-based support option. If you are looking for peer support, you can visit TrevorSpace from anywhere in the world.

  • Q Chat Space is a bully-free online community of LGBTQ teens that can chat with other LGBTQ teens and trained staff from LGBTQ centers around the country. You can access Q Chat Space at

Legal Services

  • AIDS Legal Referral Panel - Call 415-701-1200​​​​​​.

  • Transgender Law Center provcides legal resources and litigation for the TGNC community. Hosting national calls for trans leaders and organizations on Facebook Live. Their helpline is open. Call 510-587-9696.

  • The National Center for Lesbian Rights serves LGBTQ people anywhere in the country, including elders, athletes, conversion therapy survivors, immigrants, incarcerated people, etc. To contact their Legal Helpline, email or call 1-800-528-6257 or 415-392-6257.

  • Oregon Law Help - includes info about housing and employment protections and information about public charge and emergency benefits. They can also help you access free legal aid or advice. There is a local Oregon Law Center office for southern Oregon in Grants Pass; they can be reached at (541) 476-1058. (not queer-specific)

Working from Home

Fun! Entertainment and Online Meetups

Image by Eliza Wolfson, available for free download along with a lot of other amazing original artwork (and an open call for submissions!) at


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