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Renters Meet with State Senator Golden

Rogue Valley renters had a good conversation with our new State Senator Jeff Golden today about the need for legislation that truly addresses the problems facing renters, who make up about 40% of his district.

Renters shared how no cause evictions and rent hikes every few months are forcing people with disabilities, seniors, and people working in the local service industry to put groceries on credit cards, and to live in travel trailers and other unsafe situations.

O. Z. shared that the 5% rent increase every year in her apartment is putting her at risk of being forced out of the community she loves and where she is raising her daughter. "The rent goes up every 6 months, but my social security doesn't." Southern Oregonians need stable homes.

Photo of Southern Oregon renters holding signs that say "I rent and I vote."
Southern Oregon renters are ready to fight to end no cause evictions and unreasonable rent hikes.


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