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Stop Medford's inhumane prohibited camping ordinance!

If passed by City Council, Medford’s new “Prohibited Camping, Lying, and Sleeping” ordinance would:

  • Make it illegal for people to use a tent, even during the winter, punishable by up to thirty days in jail.​

  • Make it illegal for people just to lie down or sleep in a variety of public spaces, including fields, underneath roadways and bridges, or near railroad tracks.

  • Penalties for using a tent as well as lying down or sleeping in public would increase from a non-criminal violation to a misdemeanor, with penalties up to thirty days in jail and a $500 fine.

Criminalizing people for using tents is inhumane and puts people’s lives at risk. The right to lie down or sleep is a matter of survival and human dignity.

Sign the petition opposing Medford's Inhumane "Prohibited Camping" Ordinance!

What else can you do to help stop this harmful ordinance?

Submit testimony in opposition to this harmful ordinance by Thursday, April 1st at Noon.

To submit testimony: email PublicComments@cityofmedford.org with your name and city of residence. Be sure to state clearly that you are submitting public testimony. Ask that the City Council reject this proposed ordinance and instead work with community groups on real solutions that protect the civil and human rights of our unhoused neighbors and address the real underlying problems.

Join us on Thursday, April 1st at 5:00 PM for Don't Take Our Tents and Vigil for the Streets during the vote on the “Prohibited Camping, Lying, and Sleeping” ordinance.

The vigil will be held outside of Medford City Hall.

Find the Facebook event here.

The event will begin with speakers and the vigil, followed by the City Council meeting at 6pm. There is no in-person testimony due to COVID, but we will broadcast the meeting for all to hear. This is a socially distant event, so please bring a mask. There will be coffee, water and tea! No photos / video / livestreaming without consent.


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