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Thanks to Grassroots Action, Progress on Renters' Rights Bill

Thanks to Grassroots Action, SB608, Oregon's Renters' Rights Bill just passed the Senate and heads to the House. We're halfway to making this bill law!

Southern Oregon voices have been loud in the capitol fighting for the strongest possible bill as a critical first step towards basic fairness for Southern Oregon, and for RAC members. Thank you for taking action!

We're not done yet. Our voices will be critical to ensuring the bill continues to move forward in the Oregon House of Representatives. #ORleg #StableHomes #BuildingGrassrootsPower

Today SB608 passed the senate, but the fight isn't over yet. Join us next Monday for what is likely the final hearing on SB608. We need this bill to pass, renters cannot wait another two years for legislatures to act to stop the evictions and drastic rent increases that are displacing tenants all over the state and sending families into homelessness. Tenants from Southern Oregon will be carpooling up together.

As the renter protection bill SB608 heads to the House for more hearings and votes, please join us in thanking Senator Jeff Golden, representing Medford, Phoenix, Talent, and Ashland, for his yes vote in the Senate. #ORleg #YesonSB608


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