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Team RAC

Led by Southern Oregonians: We are an organizing hub that it is run by, and accountable to, the local community. We do this by requiring leadership team members live in Southern Oregon, focusing our work on Southern Oregon communities, and through the support of local donors who provide nearly 50% of our funding. As a result, the RAC is able to be effective, strategic, nimble, and responsive to the needs, realities, and priorities of our community.

The RAC Leadership Team

The Rogue Action Center is guided by a diverse leadership team made up of community members deeply involved in the work of the Rogue Action Center and partner organizations along with the RAC Board of Directors and RAC Staff and interns. Right now this group consists of 18 members.

This leadership team meets quarterly to share analysis, do strategic planning, evaluate our work, and set priorities.

The day to day work of the RAC is done by many volunteers and interns and  staff members. This primarily involves:

  • Door to door outreach to people in Jackson and Josephine Counties who are impacted by the housing crisis

  • Creating community safety plans and providing de-escalation teams for local organizations and events

  • Organizing a community response to incidents of hate

  • Training and mentoring new leaders in community organizing work

  • Local and state level policy work to address housing, transit, and racial justice.

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