a community organizing center for the rogue valley

Our Mission: We build organizing infrastructure, leaders, and progressive power for a just, inclusive, and sustainable Southern Oregon for everyone.

Rooted in collaboration + Shared analysis the RAC grew out of a need for a space where community leaders working on different issues could come together in mutual support and increase capacity for a movement that connects the dots between economic issues, climate work, and racial justice in Southern Oregon. We also saw the need for an organizing hub that it is run by, and accountable to, the local community. As a result, the RAC is able to be effective, strategic, nimble, and responsive to the needs, realities, and priorities of our community.

The Rogue Action Center serves as a hub for local and regional organizing through…

  • Campaign coordination. RAC helps coordinate issue-based or nonpartisan campaigns that are important to the movement for justice and are not the responsibility of any single organization.

  • Leadership development and training. Some leadership development is best done across organizations both for efficiency and to strengthen relationships.

  • Strategic planning. RAC pulls people together to collectively take stock of what is working or not, look ahead to upcoming challenges and opportunities, and maximize the impact of local resources.

  • Research and policy development. Our movement as a whole needs more clearly researched and defined policy goals and a clearer understanding of the agendas of opposing forces.

  • Communication coordination and support. RAC helps local organizations maximize our effective use of communications channels and share best practices.

  • Political education. RAC is a center for study circles, workshops, a library, and other ways that individuals can deepen our understanding and analysis of economic, social, racial, and climate justice.

  • Community building. Having a progressive community center is an important tool for building social connection and keeping up morale in these difficult times.

We work to…

  • Grow an effective and coordinated movement that can win economic, social, racial, and climate justice based on the needs and realities of our rural and small-town region.

  • Train and incorporate new people into community leadership role and campaign work.

  • Respond to increased threats by white supremacists and militia groups not only by exposing their activities but by offering an alternative vision for improving rural quality of life for all.

  • Test rural organizing models that can be used in other communities, while learning from successful experiences elsewhere.

  • Contribute to building community power by organizing in a key rural region experiencing population growth and increasing diversity.

Current campaigns focus on local and state affordable housing solutions, LGBTQ+ resiliency organizing,  building people power to defend and expand public transportation options, and developing community leadership and capacity through trainings, internships, and hands-on campaigns.


205 N Phoenix rd, suite g

phoenix oregon 97535

*currently closed due to covid*



po box 674, talent oregon 97540


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