The Rogue Action Center LGBTQ+ Listening Project was founded in 2019 to map the assets, challenges, and resources needed in the LGBTQ+ community in Jackson & Josephine counties and to boldly vision a thriving LGBTQ+ movement in our area. The LGBTQ Listening Project was formed with the leadership of Rory Meza in response to the ending of the Lotus Rising Project and Rogue Rainbow Elders in 2018. 

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We are currently looking for new Steering Committee members for 2023.

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The LGBTQ+ Community Survey

The LGBTQ+ Community Survey closed on August 1. We heard from over 700 LGBTQ+ people in Josephine & Jackson counties.

Are you one of the 13,000 LGBTQ+ people living in Jackson or Josephine counties? We want to hear from you! Fill out our LGBTQ+ Community Survey here:


The purpose of the survey is to gather information about peoples' experiences which can be used to advocate for and improve local services, identify needs and gaps in local resources, and build community in ways that are responsive, inclusive, and accessible.


The survey was put together by LGBTQ+ folks for our local community. It asks questions about how people perceive the availability of LGBTQ+ resources, safety and acceptance, frequency of experiences of harassment or discrimination, and existing resources as well as what is needed in the area.

To view the survey, visit

Our goal is to present this data back to the community in the winter of 2020-2021 through a series of community forums to identify next steps for our local movement. It will also be made available as a downloadable, printable short report.

Who is behind the LGBTQ+ Listening Project?

The LGBTQ+ Listening Project is currently guided by several volunteer committees.


LGBTQ+ Steering Committee

Currently meets for 1 1/2 hours once per month remotely (Zoom).


Past projects: Creating LGBTQ+ Community Survey

Current Focus: Analyzing community survey data, creating report & community forums to discuss results, creating resource hub, operating as a coordinating space for next steps and LGBTQ+ resources.


LGBTQ+ Listening Project Committee

Currently meets for one hour weekly, on Wednesday afternoons remotely (Zoom). 


Current focus: Creating inclusive, accessible story circles and dialogue events to build community, documenting LGBTQ+ stories/experiences in the region, centering voices of queer & transgender people of color

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​​​Values: We are an inclusive group rooted in social justice movement building principles. As a project of the Rogue Action Center, we value accessibility and racial justice; we value being trans-inclusive, sex positive, intergenerational, and class-conscious. We value transparency about power dynamics in our process and the spaces we create. We are committed to racial justice as part of our ongoing, sustained work.

Anyone is welcome at our table regardless of addiction status, mental health, socioeconomic status, identity, race, whether you are an old-timer or newcomer to the region, or how "out" you are. Reflecting the diversity of our community is important to us. LGBTQ+ elders, youth (under 35), rural, Josephine County-based, poor and working class, transgender, Black, and/or Indigenous people, and people of color are especially encouraged to join our committees.

Committee members are asked to commit to attend meetings, come ready to participate in discussion and decision making, think from a big picture perspective for the region, have the capacity to read and respond to emails and complete action items between meetings as agreed.

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