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Queer Indigenous Gathering

Rogue Action Center is honored to support the tenth annual Queer Indigenous Gathering at Southern Oregon University, and a multi-day Queer Indigenous Convening in March 2025. In March, the event will bring together all previous QIG speakers in a collaborative space to celebrate and assemble their work in a co-edited/curated book filled with collections of artwork, photography, poetry, essays, and interviews. The event features diverse IndigiQueer scholars, artists, poets, and activists, showcasing Two-Spirit/Queer Indigenous theories and methods that disrupt colonial logics and promote decolonizing practices. 

Queer Indigenous Book Project

This year the Queer Indigenous Convening will assemble 30 Two-Spirit, Queer Indigenous, and IndigiQueer creatives who have previously participated in QI gatherings. This Convening will support the final editorial stage of a collaborative book project: A Queer Indigenous Gathering: Intersectional Indigeneities, the Politics of Knowledge, and Creating IndigiQueer Futures (working title), edited by Brook Colley (citizen: Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians), Jamaica Osorio (Kānaka Maoli), Ty DeFoe (Ojibwe and Oneida), Asa Wright (citizen: Klamath Tribes), and Kylan de Vries.


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Why Donate?

Here’s why your support is crucial now more than ever:

  • This is the only gathering of its kind in Southern Oregon and surrounding areas.

  • It creates a safe space that provides support and resources for Queer Indigenous People.

  • It educates allies about the lives, creativity, and scholarship of Queer Indigenous People.

  • It trains SOU students to listen and uplift differences.

  • It highlights thriving Indigenous Queer people and their creative projects, which can be life-saving. 

  • It is a fun and healing event that fosters community and connection! 

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