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Transportation & Land Use Advocacy


Land Use Leadership Initiative

LULI showcases Oregon’s innovative land use planning program, highlights the most pressing land development issues, and equips participants with a variety of resources and relationships to leverage as they engage in local land use issues. Topics include: Land Use 101, Urban Growth Boundaries, Housing, Transportation, Resource Lands, Water, Wildfire and Climate Change. Food, childcare, and transportation assistance available. 

The Rogue Action Center runs this program in collaboration with 1000 Friends of Oregon. Find out more about the program here:

Image: LULI 2022 cohort participants practice testifying in City Council proceedings.

Transportation Leadership Pilot

The Rogue Action Center in partnership with the Clean and Just Transportation Network is excited to announce the first Southern Oregon Transportation Leadership Program! 


Our local transportation systems impact the way we move through the towns and cities we live in each day and in many ways shape the way we experience where we live. It is time for more community members to have a voice in the decisions that impact our local transportation systems, and create transportation solutions that serve the unique needs of our communities.


This five session program will examine how our current transportation systems work,  how transportation decisions are made and how these systems can transform to better serve our communities. This program is open to local leaders, elected officials, local organizations and impacted community members. Throughout the program participants will learn from each other as well as other community members and experts in the field.


The Transportation Leadership Program will begin in February 2023. Exact dates, times and frequency of the program will be determined based on participant’s availability. This program will be FREE to participants and some financial support for transportation and childcare is available.

Interested participants are invited to fill out this survey by January 12th to apply.

Please reach out to Dana Greenblatt ( or (631) 975-2022) with questions or if you are having trouble filling out the form.

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