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We Did It! SB 608 Passes!

Thanks to Grassroots Action, Renters' Rights Bill Passed by State Legislators!

Because of our voices, SB608 passed the Oregon House today and now heads to the Governor's desk to be signed into law. These new renter protections will become effective as soon as it is signed by the Governor.

Thank you for taking action!

Senate Bill 608 will protect some seniors, families, and working people who rent from no-cause evictions and set a limit on some rent increases. It is an important first step toward bringing stability to the rental housing market. Read more detail on what this bill does, and does not do, here.

What's Next? Now the bill goes to the Governor to be signed into law. Governor Brown has already pledged to sign SB608. Once the bill is signed, it will go into effect immediately to protect some renters from no-cause evictions and limit rent increases to 7% plus inflation (consumer price index) per year.


What you can do:

Join us in thanking the two Southern Oregon legislators who stood up to a lot of pressure, and stood with renters to vote YES on SB608:

Representative Pam Marsh


Senator Jeff Golden


Community voices like ours just helped change Oregon law to better protect seniors, families, and workers from many no-cause evictions and the worst rent hikes. Together we are powerful, and we're not done yet! There is clearly more to do and we're committed to continuing this work with all of you until everyone has a safe, stable home.


Senate Bill 608 will:

Provide protection from no-cause evictions for tenants after they have lived in their home for one year (full details on our website)Limit rent increases to no more than 7% plus inflation every year (with some exemptions, read full details on our website here)

Why this matters: No-cause evictions and excessive rent increases are disrupting lives and damaging Oregon communities. It will be years before Oregon’s affordable housing supply catches up with demand. Senate Bill 608 is a critical first step toward stabilizing the rental market and beginning to addressing this crisis.

Quick Facts:

  • 48% of people in our community, and 40% of all Oregonians, rent our homes

  • Nearly 60% of renters in Jackson County are paying more than 30% of income on rent1 in 3 households in Jackson County are paying more than 50% of income on housing

  • The Medford School District had the second highest number of homeless students in the state for the 2017-2018 school year. 1,164 local students sleep in cars, tents, on couches and in shelters. This makes them 28.7% less likely to be on track to graduate on time

  • In Oregon there was (until now) no limit on how much or how often landlords can raise rent, and it is actually illegal to put any limits on rent increases and Oregon renters could be 30 days away from losing our homes because landlords can evict us for no reason and with only 30 days notice. Senate Bill 608 changes this for the better.


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